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Nestled in the heart of vibrant Orange County, California, Colin J. Horan Media stands as a premier media services powerhouse, catering to both the local Southern California community and clients nationwide. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional visual experiences, we offer an all-encompassing suite of services, including event photography, event videography, licensed drone video and photography, real estate marketing solutions, professional headshots, and expert post-production mastery.


Our dynamic team of skilled photographers and videographers are virtuosos at capturing the essence of events, both grand and intimate, transforming fleeting moments into enduring memories. Be it a corporate soirée, a wedding jubilation, or a momentous occasion, our lens crafts every frame into a compelling narrative that resonates.


Elevating our offerings to the skies, our licensed drone video and photography services provide a fresh and unique perspective, capturing breathtaking vistas and captivating aerial shots that imbue your visual storytelling with depth and dimension.

In the realm of real estate marketing, we specialize in portraying properties at their pinnacle. Our innovative approach blends cutting-edge technology and artistic finesse, yielding impactful visuals that allow properties to shine brightly in a competitive market.


For professionals aiming to leave an indelible impression, our professional headshot services encapsulate your essence in a single frame. Whether for business profiles, branding initiatives, or personal promotion, our headshots exude confidence and authenticity.


Yet, our commitment transcends the shot itself. Our post-production services meticulously refine and elevate every piece of content, artfully weaving together visuals, audio, and effects to birth a seamless and captivating final masterpiece.


At Colin J. Horan Media, our fervor for visual storytelling propels us to innovate ceaselessly and deliver nothing short of excellence. Whether you're situated in Orange County, Southern California, or spanning across the nation, we are steadfastly dedicated to shifting your concepts into entrancing visuals that resonate, uplift, and inspire.

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